Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer all the questions you may have about our online courses below. If you can't find what you're looking for, please do get in touch - we're always happy to help.

Who makes these courses?

InnerDrive is a South London-based company with 14 years of experience turning psychological research into effective training for schools, businesses and athletes. Visit our team page to meet our coaches.

Who is the InnerDrive Online Academy for?

Everyone’s mindset and performance can be improved - and we believe that strategies taken from psychology research are how. Education, business and sport are the areas where this has the biggest impact. If you’re involved in any of these, you would benefit from the InnerDrive Online Academy.

What's the difference between these online courses and InnerDrive's in-person workshops?

All our courses, online or otherwise, are rooted in research, practical, interactive and, most importantly, fun to take part in. However, the InnerDrive Online Academy allows you to enjoy these anytime, anywhere. We also don't offer the same subjects online or in person, so make sure to check out our main website.

Who have you worked with before?

We have worked with hundreds of both private and state schools, top athletes including Premiership footballers and Olympians, as well as some of the biggest companies. See a list of our clients here.

What do I need to complete a course?

Just a computer and an internet connection. Most of our courses also require you to use a pen and paper for experiments and to write down your reflections.

Can I access the courses on my phone?

You can - however, we think the modules are better experienced on a computer, with a larger screen. Favour this option if possible.

How long can I take to complete a module after purchase?

Unless you ask for a time-limit, the modules you purchase are yours forever. You can dip in and out of them and revisit them as many times as you like.

Is my progress saved as I go along?

Yes. If you don’t have time to complete a module in one go, you can come back to it whenever you like.

Can you combine live online sessions with the self-access modules?

Yes, this is a very popular option. You get the best of both worlds, combining the benefits of self-accessed modules with in-depth group discussions. We can tailor our work to your requirements, so get in touch to explore this further.

What if I want something more tailored to my own needs?

We also offer bespoke packages with a mixture of pre-recorded and live sessions. To find out more or discuss the contents and pricing, get in touch.

Can I get a demo before I purchase a module for a group?

Absolutely, all you need to do is ask. Please get in touch to discuss this with a member of our team.

Do I need to book a specific module, or can I let my group choose?

Both are possible. When you book, just let us know what you would prefer and we'll set it up for you.

Should my students complete the modules as a group or individually?

Both are possible, but we would recommend they do so individually. The courses include a lot of experiments, quizzes and self-reflection opportunities, which are best done alone and at their own pace.

Which age group are the student modules best suited to?

We recommend our modules for secondary school students. We're happy to discuss which are best suited to the age group you have in mind, just get in touch.

I was given a discount coupon code. How do I use it?

Head over to the course page your coupon is for and click “Enroll”, then sign in if you haven’t already. At checkout, when asked if you have a coupon, paste the code you were given in the box, apply it, and voilà!

What will you do with my email address?

Your email address is both the key to your personal profile, where your courses are stored, and the way we send you booking information and receipts. We won’t use it for any other purpose - and certainly won’t give it to anyone else.

I'm having trouble accessing the courses. What can I do?

There are a number of potential display issues you could encounter while trying to access courses. We have listed all the ones we are aware of and their solutions on our troubleshooting page.