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This year's GCSE and A levels students have never sat external exams. These courses will help them develop effective learning strategies and stress management skills to perform when they need it most.
For only £15+VAT per student when you buy in bulk, get on-demand access to our essential online courses for exam preparation.

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  • Interactive video
  • PDF resources
  • On-demand access
  • Completion certificate

2 essential modules for £15 (usually £35 each)

Access our Studying With the Brain in Mind and Performance Under Pressure online student workshops anytime, anywhere, as many times as you like.

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Your students will learn...

Evidence-based studying strategies

Which strategies to stop using (re-reading, highlighting...), and what to replace them with.

How their memory works

How a lack of sleep, excessive stress and many other factors can hinder their ability to learn and remember.

Time management tips

From stopping to believe in the myth of multi-tasking to combatting procrastination.

Concentration training

How to focus on what matters, when it matters.


Talking to themselves in a positive, energised manner and avoiding unhelpful thoughts.

Stress & emotions management strategies

How to recognise and address their feelings, reframe the situation in a positive light, use their body language to build confidence, and more.
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Frequently asked questions

Who are InnerDrive?

InnerDrive is a teaching & learning company based in London, UK. We design and deliver training based on research for schools around the world. Find out more on our main website...

What do my students need to complete the module?

All students need to use the InnerDrive Online Academy are a computer, an internet connection and the will to learn.

Will my students' progress be saved as they go along?

Yes - each student can set their own log-in details, which will allow them to save their progression, get their completion certificate, and revisit the modules whenever they need.

Do you offer these workshops in person?

We do! Although they come with different pricing, this allows us to tailor our session to your students' specific needs. Find out more...

Only £15 per student, for both essential exam modules.