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Catch Up Bundle

3 for the price of 2. Three online CPD modules that will help you support your students' learning and well-being after months of online learning.
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Teacher CPD Catch up Bundle

Overcome the challenges of post-lockdown learning with evidence-based teaching strategies suited to help your students' learning, memory use and well-being.


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Why these topics?

After a difficult year of distance learning, it looks like schools are open for good. But the coming months come with their own share of obstacles. Here's how our Catching Up online CPD bundle can help you overcome these...

The challenges of post-lockdown learning

With students' learning months behind and their well-being having taken a severe hit after so much isolation, we're faced with a tough balancing act: helping students catch up without overloading them, and supporting their learning without sacrificing their well-being.

Cognitive Load Theory

The risk of focusing on "catching up" would be to try (and fail) to cram all missed learning in as little time as possible. Our Cognitive Load Theory CPD module will teach you how to make sure your students actually remember new material by avoiding overload.

Resilience & Motivation

Distance learning has been tough on students' motivation, and their ability to adapt and cope with change is being continually tested. In this CPD module, you'll learn how to develop your students' resilience in the long term.

Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction

Rosenshine's 10 Principles are becoming more and more popular in education, and with reason: they provide a much-needed bridge between research findings and tangible classroom strategies. This CPD module provide a solid introduction to the principles and how to use them.

Get more tips to support your students after lockdown