10 creative ways schools use the InnerDrive Online Academy

Dec 8
Just like everyone in education, we spent much of our time in lockdown working on ways to support students, staff and parents without the opportunity to visit schools. Alongside all the free resources we published and all the workshops we delivered either in person or online, we developed our InnerDrive Online Academy. But we made it with more than lockdown in mind - we created a platform which could be a great resource at any time of the year, for all kinds of uses.

Our Online Academy is full of interactive and research-based modules that students, staff and parents can access anytime, anywhere. In this blog though, we will focus on the student modules, which cover key topics such as Growth Mindset, study skills, stress management strategies or ways to concentrate better.

Since their launch, we’ve received great feedback from the schools around the UK and abroad which have signed their students up, such as:
  • "The students love the interactive experiments"
  • "Our students have found the resources included helpful to help make them work more effectively"
  • "We love the fact that the students can dip in and out whenever they want over the course of the year"
  • "It’s perfect for our school as we find it difficult to get students off timetable at the same time"

But what we loved reading about, even more than the compliments, were the genius ways that schools have been implementing our courses. So, we thought we’d share some of them, to give you a bit of inspiration… 

The hybrid approach

Many schools love the interactive nature of our student modules. As a result, we are often asked to deliver a live workshop alongside them, to help cement some of the key themes that the students are learning online with a more personalised approach. Other schools took a reversed approach, where we delivered our usual in-person workshops with a year group at a time, which are then supplemented using the Online Academy throughout the course of the year.

Dip in and out

One feature that we think sets the InnerDrive Online Academy apart is that, once enrolled, students can dip in and out of the module as many times as they want throughout the year. This can be to re-visit specific sections or resources or try their hand at the interactive experiments again. This way, the key messages are being re-covered throughout the academic year and not just presented on one day and promptly forgotten about.


We’ve included downloadable student-specific blogs and graphics in all our modules. Recently, we heard from a school who set their students the task to, once they had experienced the module, use the blogs as a template to reflect on how they will revise better, concentrate better, get more sleep or improve their outlook on education.

The little-by-little approach

Whilst most schools are asking their students to complete the modules in their own time or by a certain date, other schools are slowly completing the different units within the modules throughout the year.

Each module takes students anywhere from 1-2 hours. So, some schools are breaking up these modules into the separate units and covering these at specific time points. Let’s take our Studying With The Brain In Mind module as an example. It has the following units:
  • Multi-tasking 
  • Memory 
  • Procrastination 
  • Sleep 
  • Negative thinking 

Each unit is a mixture of interactive videos, blogs and graphics. In some cases, students are asked to watch one unit at a time and then recap what they have learnt in their tutor group each week/month, before progressing to the next unit. This is a great way to check understanding and monitor students’ progress.

Students using resources to teach each other

Some schools have taken very personalised approaches. Here, students are asked what module they would prefer to see, or are enrolled in modules that best represent their needs. For example, some students would better benefit from learning how to revise better, making the Studying With The Brain In Mind module ideal for them. Whereas others might struggle to deal with the pressure of exams rather than revision - they are enrolled in the Performance Under Pressure module as a result.

This means that different students are learning about different things. However, some genius teachers have used this as an opportunity for students to teach each other the key themes that they are learning using the printable resources. We love this idea and think it helps students to create ownership of their learning and often helps the students cement their learning by thinking about either creating something new to help others or by teaching the information to someone else.

Breakfast and after-school clubs

Some of the schools we work with usually ask us to come in every year to work with their students on their motivation. They’ve kept that point in mind when using the self-access modules - how likely are their students to actually complete the modules outside of school? Well, they have come up with the awesome idea of putting together sessions before and after school, where groups of students can come in and complete the modules whilst having breakfast or an after-school snack.

If that doesn’t sound possible for you, we have also been working closely with some schools to monitor their students’ progress in the courses through regular updates on how they are getting on. 

Getting the parents involved

In some schools that we frequently work with, the student sessions we deliver are supplemented with parent sessions too. To continue this, some schools have asked their students to work through the modules with their parents or guardians at home, so that the parents or guardians know what key things to look out for. For younger students, this also encourages students to share what they are doing at school with their parents.

To complement a teacher CPD module

We also offer a variety of teacher CPD sessions, both live or via the Online Academy. So, to ensure they create a school-wide change, many schools are choosing to enrol both their staff and students on similarly-focused courses. Here are some popular combinations:

Consistency of content across different sites

We have also seen lots of international schools and multi-academy trusts use the InnerDrive Online Academy to provide a consistent level of training to their staff and student across multiple sites. The platform is perfect for this: no matter the time constrains, timetabling or other logistical issues, everyone can access the same level of training.

Large schools struggling to get all students together

At some schools with large cohorts, it can be really close to impossible to plan for all students to log into a website at the same time or get in the same room for a live workshop. However, accessing modules on the InnerDrive Online Academy means that students can access the content from wherever they are and whenever they want - and as many times as they want.

Plus, we offer flexible pricing that allows schools to pay based on how many students will need access - nothing less, nothing more.
As you can see, there are some genius ways that schools are using our Online Academy and we are so pleased to see that teachers, students and parents are loving the content.

If you have used our modules in an innovative way not mentioned above, we would love to hear about it, so please let us know! Or, to chat to us about how we can help your students using the InnerDrive Online Academy, get in touch